Alcoholics Anonymous Medallions $5.75



This is the bronze Alcoholics Anonymous medallion used by most Alcoholics Anonymous Groups. It has the Serenity Prayer on the back side and the roman numeral on the front to account for the years.You can get this Alcoholics Anonymous medallion with no roman number in the middle of you can order 1 to 60 years.


If you have someone with more than 60 years we will engrave the year in the middle for no additional charge.


They deserve it!


Month is in left corner, day is in the top corner, year is on the right corner

Name: EX: Brant T
Sobriety Date: Ex: 09/29/10
Year: Ex: 2


Alcoholics Anonymous Medallions Engraved | Engraving Alcoholics Anonymous Medallions Only $5.25


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Please enter the year, name and date so we can engrave your AA medallion

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