Business Card & Brochure Holder – The Combo



The Business Card & Brochure Holder gift that keeps on giving!


If you or a friend of yours has your own business these document holders can generate new leads for your business. It doesn't matter where you are, at a meeting, at the movies, out to dinner or in a business meeting. People that pass by your car can now take your business information to contact you at a later date.


We offer 2 lines:


We have document holders with a magnetic backing and we have document holders with a 2-sided permanent adhesive strip that is separate in the package so if you need to cut it to fit what you want to apply the document holder to, you can.


This Business card & Brochure Holder is made of a tough durable vinyl that can conform to what you are attaching it to. The closing mechanism is magnetic and will help protect your business cards & brochures from the weather. These combo holders are to be used on store front windows or even a mail station at an apartment complex. These would be great for announcing move in specials or any other announcements that need to get out to the community. These business card & brochure holders are weather resistant.


The sheet of adhesive is lose in the package so you can cut it to any size you need to attach it to a surface such as the end of a table.

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Please Choose which design you would like. Please remember: This is a very strong adhesive to prevent removal – Use Cautiously

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Weight 5.4 lbs