Coin Pendant | Stainless Steel | Serenity Prayer

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The Coin Pendant with Serenity Prayer


A beautiful coin pendant has “Hope, Wisdom, Faith, Courage” with praying hands is engraved on this beautiful coin pendant. This inspirational serenity prayer is etched on the other side. This delicate pendant makes a great gift for who would enjoy holding the serenity prayer close to their heart.


“God Grant Me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change. Courage to Change the Things I Can and Wisdom to Know the Difference.”


A significant and meaningful gift for yourself or loved one.


Below you can choose a chain to go with your coin pendant.


All of these chains are made of stainless steel including the clasp and the spring in the clasp as well making these necklaces more durable. The average necklace usually is made with silver which is soft or a different soft metal on the clasp.


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Coin Pendant | Stainless Steel Coin Pendant | Serenity Prayer


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